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Forget stiff poses and forced smiles, let's capture the real laughter and happy tears!

Hi there, and welcome to Paul Brewer Wedding Photography!
I'm not your average wedding photographer I have been covering weddings all over the southwest since 2015 and I'm more like the fun friend with a fancy camera who just happens to be obsessed with documenting love stories. Think less paparazzi, more fly-on-the-wall, capturing the genuine moments that make your wedding day truly you.
I believe magic happens when you ditch the script and embrace the real. So picture this: the wind whispers through your hair as you say "I do," kids giggle as they chase bubbles, and your grandma belts out a classic tune on the dance floor. I'll be there, blending into the background, my camera whispering along, soaking up every ounce of raw emotion and unfiltered joy. My first job as your wedding photographer is to make you feel comfortable, to make you relaxed in front of the camera, there are so many brides who say to me, 'I hate having my photo taken but you made me feel at ease', they all look gorgeous on their wedding day, and so will you!
My style? Think sunshine-drenched laughter lines, stolen glances across the room, and tear-stained hugs that say more than words ever could. I'm all about the in-between moments, the little details that tell the bigger story, the kind of photos that make you relive the day with a goofy grin, even years later.
I'm not about picture-perfect. I'm about real-life perfect. The kind of perfect where your dress gets a little dusty from twirling on the dance floor, and your hair ends up a tangled mess from laughing so hard. Because let's be honest, those are the moments you'll want to remember, right?
So, if you're looking for a photographer who'll disappear into the background and let your love story unfold naturally, then I'm your gal (or guy). I'm here to capture the essence of your day, the raw beauty of real emotions and all the hilarious, heartwarming, and unforgettable moments that make your wedding uniquely yours.
Ready to ditch the cheese and embrace the real? Let's chat! I can't wait to hear all about your love story and how I can help you relive it forever through the magic of photography.
P.S. I also make a mean mojito, so there's that .
Cheers to a wedding day that's as epic as your love!
Paul Brewer
Paul Brewer Photography

Allot of my customers say, "Could we do .....?" Within reason the answer will be YES! I've photographed, Welly Wanging, Piggy back Croquet, and a couple who smooched in a phone box. Fun is a huge part of my photography and I always capture those fabulous fun moments.
The Extra Elements

 Have you booked a Horse and Carriage, a beautiful Porsche, or a Fire truck to take you to your wedding? Don't worry I won't forget the extra elements that make your day so special.
I always focus on details when covering weddings, they add vibrance to your photos and looks amazing in your book or album.

Would you like to discuss your plans please do contact me using the form below or call on 07857479393 for a No Obligation Quote
Thank you!
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